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11-16-22Gary MannDDE468RDSN/RD358/59Email
09-06-22Jerry NoonanRD21962 to 1965Email(530) 415-9500

Left Taylor 90 days early to go to school. Retired after 30 years with Pacific Gas & Electric Co. Ran with Bob Bernier, Chuck Pierce and others. Best decision I ever made was to enlist in the Navy…..loved my days on the Taylor.

08-29-22Bill HickmanDD 468FTGSN62-64Email(360) 256-2728

Loved the story from XO Shultz about Seattle. Great memories for a teenager at the time. Wow 60 years ago.

06-22-22Raymond D UnterseherDD 468E3 Gunners Mate14 monthsEmail(701) 713-6166

I am looking for any information about the USS Taylor’s involvement in the Vietnam war during 11/09/1962 to 07/31/1964

04-22-22Stephan SchulteFT SN67-69Email

Looking for some old shipmates:
Michael C. Bainter
Wayne Burgess
Jack Turley
Jim Renahan
Kenzo ???
Steve Zahn

04-15-22Wirt W. CyphersE543-45Email(540) 250-7091

My name is Michael Mitchell. My grandfather was Wirt Cyphers PO2 from W VA who was a cook on Taylor. Wirt died in 1998 but the stories he told his grandson about life on USS Taylor during WWII lives on.

02-21-22Monte Grandon RanshawDD 468E562-64Email(183) 249-2449

Looking for some shipmates I served with. Sonarman.

11-11-21Charles MohappUss taylor AP145Private1944Email(530) 301-2300

I recently found my dads Domain of Neptunus Rex crossing paperwork. He was 1st division USMC WW2 and would love to learn more. Marie Mohapp

03-02-21Cindy SmithDD 468WT142-45Email(513) 319-9217

I am trying to confirm history for my father. His grandfather has a picture of the Taylor that he was on. Can someone check a crew lists to see if Daniel J. Brewer was on the ship during that time?

03-02-21Bobby E CampbellDDE 468QMS55-57Email(706) 375-3846

I am entering this for my father in law who speaks of his time on the ship as if it's gospel. I'm not sure of his rank, but I do know he was a signal man and a quartermaster from 55-57.

03-02-21Charlie DenayerDDE-468SM262Email(816) 679-7660

Guess what my wifes maiden name was Taylor marred 56 years lived 48 years Harrisonville Mo. Now live Raymore Mo. Worked for kcpl as a splicer-lineman 40 years play senior softball 79 years age Won winter world in 2012 in Phoenix shortstop

12-18-20James G. O'NeillDD 468LTJG65-67Email(804) 212-8911

The reunion scheduled for August 2021 has been canceled due to COVID 19 concerns. We will "regroup" later this year when the national health situation is clearer -- hopefully a reunion in 2022 is in the cards.       

12-18-20Carl FisherDDE 468SOSN / SO21955 - 1957Email(936) 465-4099

Taylor was my first ship the first couple of years of 22. I boarded her in April of 1955 in Sasebo, Japan. We returned to Hawaii in August crossing the dateline on my 20th birthday.

12-18-20Roy FournierDD 468Seaman66-69Email

Still breathing in and out

12-18-20Monte RanshawDD468stg22Email(832) 492-4495

Would like to get in touch with Ensign G R Hutter

12-18-20Jim DuncanUSS TaylorMM365--67Email(515) 326-2232

Just came across some old familiar names. Hope to touch base with them or they with me.

12-18-20Richard AntonUSS Taylor DD 486E4 DC01-05-1969 to decommissionedEmail(818) 968-2297

Just add my designation as Damage Controlman

12-18-20Richard Evert AntonUSS Taylor DD/DDE 486E3 to E401-05-1969 to decommissionedEmail(818) 968-2297

USS Taylor Picked me up in Hong Kong early January and then headed to Australia back to PaPa Hotel and Off to San Diego for decommissioned and sold to Italy

12-18-20Gary L. AndersonStorekeeperE567-68Email

Interested in finding out who among my fellow sailers has had major Prostate problems? 2018 my Prostate was removed, after radiation treatment in 2008.   I know of 2 other of our shipments who have experienced similar.. Has if been an issue fo you?

12-18-20Jay T MccarthyDD 468QM31968 ~ 69Email(206) 953-1100

Hey Mark, Jan, Steve or any other west coaster that painted the hull from the main deck to the waterline with me give me a call.

12-18-20Elgin BurnsUSS TAYLOR DDE-468RD256/60Email(509) 246-6192


12-18-20Jim YourishinDD 468ETN32Email

Looking for then Lt Bob Hebner

12-18-20Jim HallDD468RM168-69Email(717) 840-0150

Best to all this 2017 Christmas. Unable to attend conventions due to wives continued sickness.

12-18-20Thomas EimersTaylor DD468Bt267-69Email(605) 234-5418

wondering how Len Huyck,Vince Hayes, and Tom Beckman are doing?

12-18-20Carl E SmithDD468ETC1/65_05/67Email(904) 406-9504

Does anyone know if agent orange was being used when we were off the coast of Vietnam during 65 thru 67? If so please give me the dates and where I can verify that info. Yes, we have responded to you. Please check your email!!

12-18-20Waymon Waterstaylor dde 468sm 354 - 58Email(704) 689-3419
(704) 460-4350

I sure all my shipmates has had a great Christmas and have a prosperous New Year.

12-18-20Tom RoseberryDD468sn7/66-12/67Email(702) 812-5601

New cell phone #

12-18-20Jim CumberlandDDE 468EM24/55 -11/57Email(909) 957-5539

New email

12-18-20Leonard CarrDDE 4683rd class gunner's mate3 yearsEmail(304) 228-9983

G.U. and Alfred Cady, Hope you are doing fine. Thinking about you.

12-18-20Ronald MoserDD 468BT21964-1968Email(208) 697-4043

update on email address.

12-18-20Jim BowlineUSS Taylor & WalkerE-5 Engimansomewhere in 64 & 65Email(530) 238-8078

Anybody remember Karnes, Ashlock, Owlyn, Ole Buckets... ???

12-18-20Carl CorbettDD4681965Email(503) 756-3689

Hello everyone, My Father Phillip Corbett served on the Taylor in 1965. Dad is well, retired now and sober for 40+ years. He is not too computer savvy but he has asked me to send his warmest regards to all of you and I'll be happy to pass on any messages. My Sister and I would be very interested if anyone has any pictures of Dad they could share or if we could find a copy of the 1964-65 cruise book. We are so happy to have found this page for the Taylor. Thank you.

12-18-20Jim HallDD468RM168/69Email(717) 840-0150

Just watched video @ (Found reference to it on Facebook)

12-18-20Donald Patrickuss taylor dde468RD353-56Email(817) 599-5079

Need prayers for David Childers. He was aboard ship from about 52-55. He fell and hit head and is on life support

12-18-20Jim HartsockDD 468sa1969Email

Back in the day (1969), I reported aboard the Taylor in Subic Bay as a SA. I was met on the QD by an RD3 (name not remembered). He convinced the OOD that I belonged in OI division. After all these many years, I'm looking for this person to thank him. All I remember was that he was always seasick and that is about all I remember about him. We left Subic on our way to Australia and eventually back to homeport in Pearl.

12-18-20Robert MarshallUSS Taylor DD468Bm31968 / 1969Email(361) 449-0997

HOPE SOMEONE SEES THIS.IT WOULD BE COOL,To hear from someone ESPECIALLY you deck hands.have one for me Rob

12-18-20Sherman A MosierDDE-468torpedoman ist class12/59-5-63Email(916) 422-7039

If anyone knew Joe Tescarenno, his wife Alice just passed away after suffering a stroke

12-18-20Robert PeachDD 468SHL21966-1968Email(508) 477-0500

Looking to hear from anyone who was aboard with me.

12-18-20T. Ralph SmithDD 468RM1942 to 1945Email(609) 364-9027

My father T. Ralph Smith served on the Taylor during WW2 as a radio man, he passed away in 2008. I am his son, Roger A Smith, he was very proud of his service " he won the war in the pacific" I have his ships book that details the Taylor's service during the war, if anyone is interested I can send a copy. Email me for any reason. Proud son! also a veteran!

12-18-20John SingerUSS Taylor DDE 468QM31958-1962Email(760) 223-1818

Would like to hear from anyone

12-18-20Frank P Ferreirauss TaylorBoiler room engineer1948 / 1951Email(530) 788-5520

Anyone that can remember my farther please call me the years might be off a bit . Please help best friend during his service was Johnny do not know last name . Korean War time. He was in the engine room . Down in the hole of the ship . Thank you all for your service. (Daughter)

12-18-20John MaineUss TaylorEmail(503) 201-1500

I'm said to say my best friend John arbie kinder has passed away July 24 2014. A man of principal and integrity. Who changed my life with his wisdom and heart felt love for others. John Maine 503 / 201 / 1500

12-18-20Robert Marshalluss Taylor dd/dde 468bm31Email(361) 449-0997

I have never forgotten you guy's. And never will. We surely did our part. I have regretted not trying to keep in touch with with you. But l'm older now, and feel an emptyness. I can only hope some of you feel the same way. Hope to hear from you or see you at the reunion. Rob marshall Robert marshall

12-18-20Robert Marshalluss taylor dd 468bm3rd class1yearEmail(361) 449-0997

I'm looking for anyone that serverd a board the old girl during the period 1968 to 1969. As a bowswens deck ape. I am know 100% connected. And would like to help any of you that are having trouble with the va. We did a lott things that changed our lives for ever.and maybe made a difference in the world we live in today.

12-18-20M Cole Widow Of Gary W Cole Rm3DD468RM31963-1965Email(713) 898-2871

Gary W Cole RM3 -see the 1965 yearbook under the Radio Shack crew- died March 1st 2014. He shared very fond memories of his service at the Taylor and now I keep his yearbook as a treasure. If any of his shipmates wishes to contact me please do. It was a short but important time in his life.

12-18-20Allison Granddaughter Or R. Yorke HerrenDD468Luther1943-1945Email

Does anyone remember my grandfather Dr.R Yorke Herren Lut? I would love to hear from anyone. He died before I was born and would love to know anything about him.

12-18-20Susan GoodmanUSS TaylorCP0Unsure ? 1962 - 1965Email(520) 820-1082

Am looking for photos of my father who was a Chief Petty Officer commissaryman on the Taylor. During war exercises he was a gunman and ambulatory man. His name:   Donald R. Banks

12-18-20Gordan Hobbsuss taylor dd468gmgsn21/2Email

email me if we served together and you remember me.

12-18-20Frank Ferreirauss taylorfire man1952 /1953Email

Looking for John Tombe and Vernon Duarte

12-18-20Jim Halldd468rm168-69Email

The very first issue of our ancestor newspaper, Continental Navy Times, published to coincide with the founding of the Continental Navy.....the paper is dated 13 October 1775. I was doing some research on some Navy history and stumbled on something amazing, unique and pretty cool. 🙂 The very first issue of our ancestor newspaper, Continental Navy Times, published to coincide with the founding of the Continental Navy.....the paper is dated 13 October 1775. 🙂

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