USS Taylor Reunions

USS Taylor Reunions happen every two years at various locations around the country, and include Taylor Sailors who have served aboard from World War II to Korea, the Cold War and Vietnam. We all share a special bond, and pride in our historic ship.

2021 Reunion Canceled

In our May 2020 edition we decided that in reaction to the Covid 19 pandemic we would reschedule our reunion by one year, to go from 26 August 2021 thru 30 August 2021.

In November of 2020, based on feedback from members and on our extrapolations of the Covid 19 situation we notified the Central Hotel and Conference Center that we are canceling our 2021 reunion. We made an early reunion cancellation decision to avoid paying contractual penalties should we decide to cancel later and to protect the health and finances of our members.

With social distancing and masks still required as well as uncertainty in the Pennsylvania hospitality industry we do not believe it would have been a reunion that is up to the expectations of our members. Later in this year we will look toward scheduling a 2022 reunion and making some related long-term decisions.

— Jim
James G. O’Neill