USS Taylor Reunions

USS Taylor Reunions happen every two years at various locations around the country, and include Taylor Sailors who have served aboard from World War II to Korea, the Cold War and Vietnam. We all share a special bond, and pride in our historic ship.

2022 Reunion is cancelled

In October 2021 we were working on setting up a reunion in Norfolk, VA. To that end we lined up a hotel and scheduled a series of tours. In January, however, the planner received a discouraging medical diagnosis concerning a family member that has the potential to fully monopolize his time and derail the reunion.

After some evaluation we judged that the medical condition was manageable and, perhaps with some wishful thinking on our part, sent out the signup letters for participation in the reunion. Months later we now have received evaluations by specialist(s) and a preliminary diagnosis. Sadly the family member’s condition is more serious and is progressing faster than anticipated. The result is that dealing with this condition will monopolize the planner’s time for the foreseeable future. We deeply regret the confusion we may have caused and we will be issuing full refunds although we will honor shirt orders to date.

We will also look into joining Tin Can Sailors (TCS), as a group, for their annual reunions, although the option of attending that TCS reunions as an individual is always open to our members.

— Jim
James G. O’Neill