USS Taylor 468 News

2022 Reunion is Being Planned

We have been working on setting up a reunion in Norfolk, VA during October of 2022. To that end we have lined up a hotel and have scheduled a series of tours. We are calling the series “A Tale of 3 Cities” Virginia Beach, Norfolk and Colonial Williamsburg with a “Tolling of the Bell” ceremony on the USS Wisconsin. Just as this NEWSLETTER was “going to press”, however, the planner received a discouraging medical diagnosis concerning a family member that has the potential to fully monopolize his time and derail his further participation in the reunion. Over the next few weeks there will be evaluations by specialist(s) to see how bad the condition is and what the treatment might consist of. Hopefully, we will know something (good news!!) in time for the reunion signup letters and the next NEWSLETTER.

COVID 19 and Our 2022 Reunion
Coronavirus disease 2019 has played havoc with our attempts to hold a reunion. It has caused us to cancel our fully planned reunions in 2020 and then in 2021. It is difficult to predict what the COVID situation will be like in October of 2022. Hopefully, the COVID 19 pandemic will be in the rearview mirror in October of 2022 so we don’t have to worry about it as much. Nonetheless, we are particularly mindful of the current surge in COVID infections and will delay sending out reunion signup letters until the surge has passed. Doctors, who appear as talking heads on TV, have stated that they expect COVID 19 to shift from being “pandemic” to being “endemic”; e.g. It will, like malaria and the flu, always be around for the unvaccinated to catch but, because of vaccinations, not nearly as many people will become infected.

The Military Reunion Network in which we participate has published a list of best practices for current reunion planning. These include:
— Set, and maintain, a policy until it is safe to relax it.
— Communicate the policies AS EARLY AS POSSIBLE so attendees know to be prepared.
— Communicate your policies with your hotel partner.
— Be prepared to answer questions about reunion policy regarding masks and vaccinations.

Our main policy is that we expect all reunion attendees to be fully vaccinated and have the requisite booster shot(s). Assuming that we continue with planning, we will ask our members to state that explicitly on the sign-up form. That way we can unmask in the hospitality room with a finite level of confidence that we are not infecting each other. In the next NEWSLETTER we will more thoroughly discuss our COVID 19 precautions and policy.

Reunion Association Newsletter

We are publishing the USS Taylor (DD/DDE 468) Reunion Association Newsletter as a forum for disseminating information concerning the activities of the Reunion Association and its members particularly as it relates to reunions as well as the maintenance of a high level of interest in the history of the USS Taylor (DD/DDE 468) and the men who served on her. We encourage and welcome informational contributions, including articles, from members at any time. Please submit comments, inquiries, or possible contributions to Ms. Dorothy Davis at No political commentary, please.