USS Taylor 1984 Reunion

October 11–14, 1984 — Lexington, KY

1984 Reunion Announcement

HOTEL RESERVATIONS: If you plan to stay at the CAMPBELL HOUSE INN, please complete and mail the enclosed self-addressed reservation card. The Hotel’s Reservation Desk will confirm your reservation direct to you. Quoted room rates are guaranteed between the dates of October 8–18.

NOTE: The CAMPBELL HOUSE INN must have your reservation by September 10, 1984. The remaining unreserved rooms blocked out for this reunion will then be made available to the general public after that date. Each person attending the reunion assumes responsibility for his own hotel bill on checking out date.

Travel Information

BY AUTOMOBILE: Easily accessible from all interstate highways. See map on CAMPBELL HOUSE INN brochure.
BY AIR: All major airlines serve BLUE GRASS Airport. See enclosed Lexington directory for more complete information.

Reunion Activity Cost

In our July newsletter, you will be asked to “firm” your activity reservations with us by mailing your check of $80.00, times the number of persons in your party. The activity cost is the amount per person for the planned group activities scheduled by our Host. Our Host, Jack Lane, has strived to keep the $80.00 (per person) cost figure to a bare minimum and still maintaining program quality. Please do not remit any money until after you receive the reunion reservation form in our next newsletter.

Schedule of Events

The following schedule of events has been submitted by our Host

1984 Schedule of Event

Looking forward to seeing each and every one of you.
Your host,

Lane Taylor Sig

Jack E. Lane

Tentative Reservation Card

We wish to thank each who sent in his tentative reservation card. We are hoping to see you all in Lexington. But even if you can’t be with us in October, please return your card with desired information requested. It helps us update our records so that your information will be listed correctly in our 1984 Directory. Each day the mailman delivers more and more cards and letters. The following list of shipmates has indicated they intend to make this the best attended reunion to date.


It is with regret I start this letter with a sad note; with deep sorrow we announce the death of six shipmates. We send, belatedly, our heartfelt sympathy and condolences to their families.

Dues Are Due!

It is encouraging to get letters and cards from you. We will try and get quarterly newsletters to you promptly. Remember, the only news I can use is what I receive from each of you. So keep me informed and I will try to pass it on to all via the newsletter. Your cards and letters with checks for 1984 dues have kept my mailman busy. No doubt, one of the most enjoyable features of reunions such as ours is not just the opportunity of being together again after all these years, but to find out just what happened to each of us after we left the DD 468. In each newsletter we endeavor to keep you informed of each other. It would not be possible to regularly communicate with each of you without funds. We remain solvent because of dues remittance and the generosity of the many who enjoy our activities. If you wish to continue to receive newsletters and be informed of our shipmates and reunion activities, we urge you to forward to us your $6.00 membership dues for 1984, that is, if you haven’t already done so. Your cooperation in the past has always been most appreciated and we know you will continue with your fine assistance in this instance and in the future.

Your 1984 Reunion Host — Jack E. Lane

There could be no reunions for us without someone volunteering to serve as host. During our business meeting at the last reunion, “plankowner” Jack Lane suggested we conduct our 1984 reunion in Lexington, Kentucky, and agreed to serve as the 1984 Host. Jack is a local businessman and is a knowledgeable resident of the Lexington area. After reading his list of planned events and other activities, we readily conclude he has done an outstanding job and has earned our sincere thanks and appreciation – WELL DONE, Jack! Should you require any airport assistance, or need any information about Lexington, Jack insists you drop him a card or letter, and he will be most pleased to assist you.

Next Reunion Host and Site Selection

We have received many suggestions to schedule our next reunion in many different places of the country. I feel confident that selection, to be made by majority vote of the members attending Lexington reunion, will be made after careful deliberations. It will also be necessary for someone to serve as “host”, preferably living in the area chosen. The host shall plan the details for the coming reunion and make all the local arrangements for hotel, sightseeing, entertainment, and other group activities. Our reunion secretary will work closely with the host helping to coordinate the reunion planning. The secretary will prepare periodic reunion newsletters, collect and deposit reunion activity cost to our bank account. Your association assumes responsibility of payment of all bills in connection with reunion group activities. This guideline seems to be working satisfactorily at the present time.

Reunion Caps

Reunion caps were in great demand at our Chicago reunion. Therefore, we have placed an order for these reunion caps, similar to those worn by our Honor Guard team. The caps are navy blue with gold embroidery of ship’s name and number on its crown. I understand ladies caps have a shorter bill with a gold tassel on top. The approximate price will be $6.00 each including mailing cost. Will have more information in our next newsletter.


It is like having a new addition in the family

We proudly extend a rousing “WELCOME ABOARD” to the TAYLOR SAILORS of the next TAYLOR (FFG 50). This new ship will make her mark helping to preserve the peace which her predecessor and namesake helped to establish. The construction of the new TAYLOR is pat of President Reagan’s goal to develop a 600 ship Navy to insure the sea lanes of the world remain free and open to all nations. In his address before the Congressional Medal of Honor Society, he said: “With the best of intentions, we have tried turning our swords into plowshares, hoping that others will follow. Well, our days of weakness are over. Our military forces are back on their feet and standing tall. Modern equipment is being delivered to troops and more is on the way. The mobility and firepower of our forces are being strengthened with up-to-date equipment”. He added that none of this is being done because the U.S. is seeking war, but to preserve the peace. (We are reminded of Elmer Bigelow of the battle-damaged FLETCHER who was awarded the C.M.H. Medal posthumously, for his courageous heroism below deck during the February 1945, Manila Bay operation off the fortress Island of Corregidor. On that day, the TAYLOR moved in as the FLETCHER withdrew, and silenced those cliff-hidden guns that had struck FLETCHER and mortally wounding Bigelow.

We shall be equally as proud of the new TAYLOR’s accomplishments and performances as those of the DD/DDE 468. (As a point of clarification, the classification “DDE” used during the period 1951–60 signifies “Destroyer Experimental”). Today’s High-Tech ships are largely the result of experimental developments with sophisticated weaponry produced in later years aboard the modernized WW II destroyers, including our co-gallant lady. Already over sixty shipmates, their family members and friends, are planning to attend this commissioning ceremony. We hope our shipmate’s presence at the commissioning of the new TAYLOR will, in some small way, contribute to the spirit and the success of that fine ship. All shipmates are invited to this impressive tradition of the U.S. Navy – the first time the commission pennant and our American Flag are flown on a newly built American warship. However, to be there, each must receive an official invitation from the Navy. Just let us know the full names and addresses of those wishing to attend and we’ll place their names on our list to receive official invitations.

Hopefully, the Navy Department Archives hold the fading Colors slowly lowered at the TAYLOR’s 1969 final decommissioning; the Archives might also have that historic flag flown from her mast when she led Fleet Admiral William Halsey’s victorious and mighty THIRD FLEET into Tokyo Bay at the closing of WW II.

The 1969 transfer of the TAYLOR to the Italian Navy reminds us of the skipper who compared the letting of his ship to a foreign navy, to that of marrying off a daughter.

October Mini Reunion in Bath or Portland??

We anticipate many shipmates to be present in Bath for the commissioning ceremonies on Saturday morning, October 20, 1984. A Friday evening get-together has possibilities for Bath or Portland. Will need someone living in the area to coordinate this activity. Hope to hear from any shipmate regarding this possibility.

To Sea Again?? — This Time on a Cruise Ship!

We realized many shipmates traveling to Bath, Maine will be coming from distant places. Some might wish to consider an overnight, ten-hour, cruise ship trip to Nova Scotia from Portland, Maine, which is just twenty-six miles from Bath. Among Nova Scotia’s many attractions, are the amazing tides in the Bay of Fundy. These are the world’s highest tides, the greatest difference between high and low tides has been recorded at 54 ft. It’s a sight to behold watching a ship settle down in the sand as the tide goes out, and then see ships’ crews scramble over the side to scrape bottoms or make repairs before the tide comes back in. The cruise ship’s operating season ends October 31, 1984. For more information and a colorful brochure, write Prince of Fundy Cruises, Limited, International Terminal, Portland, Maine 04101, or see your travel agent.


Click to read the latest news about shipmates.

Adm Katz was disappointed he was unable to attend the reunion.
Read his letter to the Taylors Sailors

WANTED — U.S. Navy Dress Flag!

Our Honor Guard Team is in need of an official U.S. Navy Dress Flag. Has anyone any thoughts where once can be procured? If so, kindly inform Gene Gallagher.

1984 Reunion Memory Book

“One Picture is Worth a Thousand Words!” We are presently endeavoring to negotiate a contract with a publishing company for a Reunion Memory Book. They plan to have a camera set up with photographers in Lexington to cover this event. Each shipmate and his wife will be asked to stop to have their photograph taken. There will be absolutely no charge or obligation for these photographs, nor will you be required to purchase a book. These photographs and other candid photos taken during our reunion, and at various activity scenes, will be compiled into an impressive Reunion Memory Book. Shipmates unable to attend this year’s reunion will also be invited to submit a small photo of himself and/or a family photo. This book will be a keepsake that you and your family will greatly treasure. We’ll have more details regarding this book in our July newsletter.

Helping Us Publicize Reunion

Every effort is being made to inform shipmates of this Reunion. We are most grateful to the American Legion, Veterans of Foreign Wars, Tin Can Sailors, Fleet Reserve and other publications for helping us publicize our Reunion. We certainly need all the help we can get. Presently, we have approximately two hundred shipmates’ names on our mailing list. Kindly help us locate missing shipmates. We will be pleased to mail them a copy of this newsletter. We know they will be most thankful to you for the news concerning this association which could lead them in renewing old friendships at this and future reunions.

Think Lexington!!!!!

Gallagher Taylor Sig

Gene Gallagher